For serious racers, the Stay Park City Cycling Race Team offers unparalleled support and benefits


Our race team supports serious road or mountain bike racers. With over $1500 worth of race reimbursement, free gear, cost pricing on bikes, professional bike fits, and other benefits, you can consider yourself “sponsored.”

Road Cat 1 & 2 (or Mountain/Tri: Pro/Cat 1), Member Benefits:

  • $500 race reimbursement

  • Two free team kits, 50% off 3rd kit

  • Team support at 3-4 select regional and national level races, including $100/race/racer to partially cover travel costs (races TBD)

  • Free bike fit from expert Tim Bochnowski of Mountain Velo ($250 value)

  • Access to Dr. Max Testa, including performance testing and coaching guidance

  • Cost pricing on bicycles and helmet from Mountain Velo

  • Access to discounts and deals with all team sponsors

  • Team camps in St. George in early winter months

  • Free team membership ($40 value)

  • Featured bio on club rate team page

 Race Team Requirements

  • Have a current category 1 or 2 USA Cycling license with Stay Park City Cycling as registered team

  • Positive and team-oriented attitude

  • Wear team gear in races

  • When applicable race and the “open” category, not age group.

  • Participate weekly in either (or both) Wednesday Night Worlds or Sunday Road Worship rides

  • Show up for club parties and special events

If you are an aspiring Cat 1 or 2, but maybe not quite there yet, feel free to contact us to see if you could be a good fit for the Race Team. It’s possible we could put together a modified offering for you.

To request a Race Team level membership please contact us, speak with race team chair John Allison, club president Jason Linder, or drop by Mountain Velo and talk to Tim bochnowski. Proof of categorization/qualification is required, and actual benefits are subject to change, both up and down, based on level, intent, and race schedule. Approval and benefits are determined by the SPC Cycling board.