Why Stay Park City Cycling?:  
A founding principle of Stay Park City Cycling was that Park City lacked an all-inclusive club. Park City is a community full of dedicated cyclists (road, mountain, & triathlon), both racers and recreational, who find themselves riding for club teams out of Salt Lake or seeking a better local option, which is a shame. Those clubs that do exist locally, while great clubs, are exclusive in nature by their race level qualifier, who you know, or your age. We believe elite racers should be able to be in the same club as their casual riding friends, and vise versa. Few of us are professionals, so let's not take ourselves too seriously during our pursuit of being fit, being our fastest, and having fun. 

About Stay Park City Cycling: 
Stay Park City Cycling subsidiary of title sponsor StayParkCity.com and it’s parent company RootRez. StayParkCity.com is the official lodging provider for, and financially supports, some of our favorite local organizations and events, including the U.S. Ski and Snowboarding, Mountain Trails Foundation, Deer Valley Music Festival, Kimball Arts Festival, Park City Silly Market, and the Sundance Film Festival. In an era of accelerated change and growth in Park City, Stay Park City is focused on keeping it local and keeping Park City real. Stay Park City Cycling, and it’s parent organizations, are led by Jason Linder, a passionate cyclist who for years felt Park City lacked an all-inclusive club. 

Mountain Velo:
Mountain Velo is the official base camp, bike shop and service center for Stay Park City Cycling. Know for the best bike fit in the industry, owner Tim Bochnowski has worked with many pro teams and professional athletes. The service center is run by the best mechanic in Park City, Tim Sparks. Tim Bochnowski play a crucial role in the club in many facets, including co-club founder, club vice president, ride scheduling, sponsorship, socials and more. 

Intermountain Sports Performance Park City: